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Ric Feliciano

Ric Mightybone Feliciano is a Puerto Rican 35 year music industry veteran. Ric is a trombonist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and lead singer from Brooklyn, N.Y. who has performed with the likes of Billy Joel, Paul Simon, John Lee Hooker, Jr., Pete Escovedo, Willy Torres, Phil Driscoll, Zucchero, Toto, Foreigner, Jimmy Bosch, and many others. Ric, also known as Mightybone, is also a voting member of the Grammys and the Latin Grammys and has been part of two (2) Grammy nominated albums to which he wrote horn arrangements and played trombone and sang backup. Ric has also taught high school music in Long Island, NY and continues to pass on his musicianship principles to the next generation in private instruction to middle school and high school prospects throughout the Bay Area in California.

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